Find the price that works for you!

£59.99 for the first 3 lessons – only applies if you’ve never driven before. Why not buy the discount package as a gift for a friend or family member

Affordable Prices

£22.00 for a full one-hour lesson
Discounts for Block Bookings
10 Lessons – £210
20 lessons – £410.00
30 lessons – £620.00  
40 lessons -£830.00  
Motorway driving
£25.00 (one-hour session)
Pass Plus
6 hours course – £130.00 – one or two-hour sessions – payable in advance.

Intensive courses – depends on how many lessons required

Block Bookings

Motorway Driving

Pass Plus

Exclusive Offers

Referral Incentives

Recommend a friend and if they have 5 consecutive lessons at the full price you’ll receive one free lesson. 

If you recommend a beginner driver who has the 3 lessons at £59.99, when they have a further 3 lessons at the full price you will receive a free lesson.

Terms & conditions

If you need to cancel your lesson you must give at least 24 hours’ notice.  This will allow me to offer your slot to another pupil.  If you do not give the required notice I will have to charge you the lesson fee.  All instructors have a similar condition in place as we are all self-employed and our lessons are our livelihood – if we don’t work, we don’t get paid!