From Beginner to Test Standard

Areas Covered -Wolverhampton Walsall Willenhall Wednesbury and surrounding areas

What We Do


The structured lesson plan will help you to learn more quickly. The first half hour of your very first lesson involves learning the cockpit drill, and how to use the controls which will be fully explained to you. For the rest of the lesson you will be learning to move off, stop the car safely and turn left and right at junctions. You will have ample opportunity to practice what you have learnt. As your lessons progress you will develop further skills designed to get you to test standard.

Part Trained

If you have driven before then I will assess you to judge how many lessons you will need. It may be that you simply need to brush up your skills and get rid of any bad habits you may have acquired. I will teach you what the DVSA expect in a well-trained learner driver. When you take your driving test you will have to prove to the examiner that you are competent at all the requirements for passing your test. You will acquire these skill through careful instruction.